Gravel ride essentials from Canyon ambassador Dalila Lecky - King's Cup Gravel Festival

Gravel ride essentials from Canyon ambassador Dalila Lecky

In many ways gravel riding is similar to riding on the road, but, there are some slight differences that could make the difference between having an awesome day exploring and having a very long walk back to the main road. We chatted to Canyon ambassador, Dalila Lecky who shared what she would take on her gravel adventures.

What would you pack for a gravel ride?

I would pack the usual stuff; multi tool, tyre levers, spare inner tube, pump, but also tyre plugs because every now and then I get a puncture that’s too big for the tubeless sealant to do its job. The plug means I don’t have to faff about putting a tube in and getting sealant everywhere. 

Would you run tubeless tyres for riding gravel?

Definitely! For off-road I am a total tubeless convert. The number of punctures I get these days is almost none (or rather they seal before I know about it). I still carry a spare tube and tyre plugs though, because some holes just refuse to seal no matter what you do! 

What kit would you wear for doing a gravel ride?

I started out doing cyclo-cross and then expanded my interest into gravel, so I tend to be in lycra because I find it comfortable. Also, some brands do gravel specific kit with abrasion resistant panels which I’m quite keen on as I seem to cut corners super close to trees and bushes and it’s nice to not destroy my kit or my skin in these moments.

What food would you take for a longer ride?

I tend to carry the mini Soreen bars (I love the strawberry variety), a PB&J sandwich and Haribo. I think I’m mostly fuelled by sugar some of the time!



King’s Cup Gravel Festival postponed to 2021

We’ve worked tirelessly over the past months to develop and deliver an exciting and COVID secure gravel event amidst these unprecedented times. We had been hoping to welcome you all to the King’s Forest in a months time. Unfortunately we must announce that due to the latest pandemic development and new regulations introduced by the government this week, it is no longer possible to host the festival.


Route Launch

Just over one month out from the King’s Cup Gravel Festival and the inaugural British Gravel Championships we are excited the reveal the routes that await riders heading to the King’s Forest Suffolk in late October.


New date for the King’s Cup Gravel Festival 2020

The King’s Cup Gravel Festival 2020 has been rescheduled to October 23-25, 2020. Unfortunately, the current pandemic development, government guidance and advice from authorities has made the original event date unfeasible. We have made the appropriate arrangements and look forward to welcoming you to the King’s Forest, Suffolk in late October.

Bike Set Up

Tubeless Tyre Set Up

Setting up your tyres tubeless is a good idea when riding on gravel and means you can go further without having to stop and change the inner tube